Even though I’m super excited to take on this project of maintaining (and upgrading, I hope!) this blog, getting myself to write tonight was a bit of a struggle.

Today I moved Drew, my boyfriend, into his first apartment. This day was filled with more furniture, driving and exercise than I’ve experienced in a while, and for some reason it overwhelmed me.

The overwhelming might also be related to the fact that Drew’s grandpa died yesterday. He had health problems in the past, but I saw him right after I got back from Peru and he seemed perfectly healthy; it was a shock, to say the least. As death becomes something more real, as it takes people who are closer with the people I am close with, I wonder when it will affect me directly.

I am fortunate enough to never have lost anyone I was very close with, but experiences like this always make me worry. Am I appreciating everyone in my life enough?

When I got home tonight, I didn’t go up to my room to continue with unpacking my life in Peru and wading through my possessions from the last 20 years of my life, differentiating between objects that are priceless and worthless, like I usually do.

Tonight when I got home, I made a cup of tea and watched a movie with my family. My parents don’t get go out very often, and I’m out of the house a lot, so we rarely see each other when I’m home from school, which isn’t often to begin with.

The death of a person raises the awareness of all who that person left behind – I count myself as a minor player in Mr. Aldrich’s life, but I also consider myself lucky to have been a part of it at all. His passing has reminded me how lucky I am to have two parents who are alive and healthy, and a life abundant with wonderful people who have had a positive impact on me. If there’s anything I meditate on when I’m in a lull, it’s letting my mind drift to people I have known – significantly or insignificantly – and the impacts we have made on each other. Mr. Aldrich’s impact included an appreciation for hard work, travel, and lifelong love. He and Drew’s grandma were married for 49 years, and were partners in everything they did. I hope when I am their age I will have worked as hard, traveled as much, and loved as strongly as he did.

My original intention today was to post my three words for 2010, but I’ll postpone those thoughts for tomorrow. Today is just about a wonderful man who I will miss very much.


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