The Classic Quantity v. Quality Question, or Why I’m Not Updating Daily Anymore

So after having a nice chat with myself, and later on, with my friend Lindsay, I’ve decided to revise my goal of blogging every. Day. No. Exceptions.

Because, really? Who wants to listen to my blather and banter about life as I know it? I’m only twenty for pete’s sake, I really don’t know that much to begin with. It will be an all-around more pleasurable experience for you, dear imaginary readers, and for me, if I gather my thoughts on *gasp* paper, and when I think of something earth-shattering (or maybe just worthy of note) I will share here.
Lindsay shared a great quote with me from a book called, “A Sentimental Journey through Paris and France,” but unfortunately I don’t remember the quote as of now. It summed up to be about finding inspiration in each day. That is my new goal.
Goals, goals, goals. I’m full of them. Although I think it’s kind of silly, and adds a lot of pressure, to create tons of goals for yourself just because the calendar is starting fresh, I recognize people’s reason for doing it. You want to make this year the year. The year everything changes, the year YOU change.
The thing is, I want that too. The realization hits me over and over again (harder every time) that this is my last full year in college. This is a big year for me, too. I need to take good care of myself, make sure I stay healthy and maintain good relationships with friends. You see, I’m simply not willing to fall back into that routine of only caring about school and nothing else. There is more to life than grades, and I plan on spending the next year of my life not only on school, but making sure the people I care about know that I do, making the most of the great city where I go to school, and having fun.
Today I am leaving to go up north for a few days. Honestly, I’m a little afraid to be away from my beloved technology for so long. The disconnect will be good for me. But just in case, I’m going to bring my netbook in case I finally feel up to posting about the end of my experience in Peru. See you in a few days.

2 responses to “The Classic Quantity v. Quality Question, or Why I’m Not Updating Daily Anymore

  1. Lindsay Bembenek

    Thanks for the shout out! 🙂 The quote is to “find adventure in happenstantial details”.

    Love the blog! It’s good to hear your writer’s voice again.

    • Thanks Lindsay, it’s good to be back and I love hearing your voice too. That quote is perfect, I have a feeling it’ll find it’s way into some version of this blog very soon.

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