Feeling the (Parisian) love

Oh boy. Tonight’s post was a struggle to get out. Colby Gergen was right in his post tonight, being a college student sometimes sucks, especially in the aspect that we never have consistent schedules and making time for anything, anyone, can sometimes prove to be more difficult than you’d think. But priorities, people, I’ve got my priorities for the night. Right now they are:

  1. Read many many more pages of required reading
  2. Blog.
  3. Read more.
  4. Sleep.

Doesn’t that just take you back? Make you want to re-live your fun college days? Just kidding, I know I’m super lucky to have the opportunities I do, especially to study at a great university where I’m pushed every day to be better. And I’m ready and willing to spend some (read: all) nights at the library if it means being a little more prepared to do my job (being a student). But sometimes when Monday comes you feel a little shortchanged because, really? Really? The weekend is already over? It just seems unfathomable that all that time flew by so fast, that life happens so fast. (Deep, I know)

But I digress, because believe it or not I do have a point (but not a mental filter, at least not today). And that point, my friends, is one that has been talked to death. I’m pretty sure the last dying breath of this topic was eked out many hours ago, and I’m late to the party on analyzing it, but here goes nothing:

OMFG. The Google Ad. Can I just have them make an ad…for my life? To be proposed to? To announce the birth of my firstborn? I’ll embed it here for you if you’ve been living under a rock:

My friend Peter had an interview today and, being a strat comm.-related position, he and the interviewer talked #brandbowl ads. How could Google’s not come up?

Her position: It was a little trite and overly-emotional. Google is an integral part of our society, why would they even advertise?

Peter’s position: With Bing’s advertising efforts showing results, it was a perfect opportunity for Google to step its game up.

And step it up, Google did! Considering that last week there were only murmurings of Google having a Super Bowl ad, I’d say they pulled a good, worthy surprise on us. And I enjoyed their surprise effort much more than David Letterman’s.

Thoughts from an inexperienced, strat-comm beginner? Google does it right as always. They are literally, the dream team, and I can’t imagine a commercial that could promote a product in a more simple or touching way.

What did you think of the Super Bowl ads? What others stood out to you?


2 responses to “Feeling the (Parisian) love

  1. I LOVED this ad. I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, so I’m afraid I don’t have anything to chip in about my faves, but man. Google just scored in a big way with all of the chicks that begrudgingly watch the Super Bowl with their significant other.

    • I’ll let you in on a little secret – me neither! We don’t have cable or anything hooked up at my place. But I watched quite a few (including the awful one you referenced on Twitter yesterday) and YES, they definitely scored big time.

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