Growing into greatness

The last couple of nights I have been realizing that a month is a long time. It’s funny because sometimes months go by in what seems like the blink of an eye, but when you’re getting used to a new routine, a month can feel never-ending.

That’s been the case for me when I think of the #28DayChallenge: The first few days, much like the first week of school, were a rush. Tons of fun and a daily adventure to search for post inspiration in daily life. But now, after a week, it’s getting tougher.

The same thing happens to me with running, one of my other favorite things to do – I love picking it up when I haven’t done it for a long time, but after a week sometimes it loses its appeal and I start to put other priorities ahead of it. But blogging, like running, is important to me, and, I believe, important to my future. Building rapport within the blogging community, learning to develop and refine my writing voice, and learning so much from others while I attempt to create original content are all things I need to do, and I’m not letting myself off the hook.

While mulling over some Web sites tonight, searching for inspiration, I came across the perfect article, called Growing Greatness. In it, Professor Christopher Peterson reviews the book The Talent Code, by Daniel Coyle. Like Peterson, I was skeptical of the book he was reviewing because it sounded an awful lot like an already-acclaimed novel, Outliers.

Anyway, the article is great, and you should read the whole thing when you get the chance, but this part really struck home:

“One can deliberately grow talent by having a group of like-minded people, an instigator or two, and an appropriate simulation.”

If these 28 days aren’t an appropriate simulation, if Scott Bishop isn’t our instigator, and if those of us who are partaking in this aren’t a like-minded group – well, that’d be a lie, because that’s exactly what this is.

And Peterson finishes with just the line I needed to hear, and the one I’ll leave you with, since it’s what I’ll be doing, to work my way to success: Practice, practice, practice.


2 responses to “Growing into greatness

  1. Yes, yes, yes! I felt the same way today – I was stuck and didn’t want to write about any of the topics I’d brainstormed earlier in the day. But, writing through the block felt like such a huge accomplishment.

    I think after the #28DayChallenge is up, we’ll have to come up with another initiative to keep our motivation and inspiration high. Re-starting my blogging habit with you and the other participants in the challenge really makes me feel like I’m accountable – and sometimes, that’s what we need when we’re developing a new habit.

    • I completely agree. I haven’t been doing as well of late (can’t say the same for you, you keep banging out those quality posts!) but I brainstormed a bunch today because I don’t want to fail the challenge or you guys! I also would love to keep up the initiative and maybe you and I could even meet up one day, since we’re in the same town 🙂

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