The beauty of real conversation

I can’t emphasize the real part of the above subject. Much like everyone else, I feel like my days pass all too quickly – sometimes I’m relieved the day is over, other times I’d kill to relive it. But no matter what, it’s not often I can pinpoint a pivotal moment at the end of the day. They all start to blend together.

But something I truly enjoy, and don’t do enough of, is IRL conversation. I know I’ve preached about the beauty of disconnecting, and while I’m pretty good at putting the phone down or just leaving it behind altogether, too often even my interactions with the people I care about are rushed.

I’m talking about conversation where you don’t have an objective, you don’t feel rushed or pressured to act a certain way – just having a frank and honest discussion.. about anything, with another person. Letting the words go where they will, and discovering what motivates the other person.

Exchanges like that inspire me because I like figuring out where people are coming from and on what levels we connect. They revive me because too often I have to present a watered-down version of myself and it’s a relief when I can just be myself.

What elements make a conversation, “real,” for you?


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