Love letter to Madison, WI

Rather than adventure, today has been about finding happiness in happenstantial details.
Laurence Sterne

Today the happenstantial details that brought me happiness and inspiration were from the community I live in: Madison, WI.

I’ve got a lot of school pride, and though sometimes my neighbors and other characters on campus drive me crazy, today I was feeling unlimited love toward my fellow Madisonians. Just wanted to share a few things that I think are awesome about this city:

It’s the most progressive environment I’ve ever lived in.
Today I saw a lesbian couple kiss each other good-bye and although that’s normal here, it made me realize what a different atmosphere this is from the fairly homogenous (white, Christian, conservative) area I grew up in. Madison is such a beautiful, accepting city and it’s been really inspiring to see people from so many different backgrounds make their homes here.

School pride.
Buses roll by my street every twenty minutes and their front ticker signs alternate between the route number and “Go Badgers!” My poli sci professor already confessed that next month will be rough not only for students going through midterms, but him, too, as he agonizes over the Badgers’ performance in March Madness. Many of my teachers have taught here for a long time and have no plans to leave, others came here because they heard about how enthusiastic our student body is. It’s a privilege to be part of such an amazing (university) community.

It’s so damn beautiful.
This one is debatable depending on the month. It’s undeniable that the winter here is brutal, unpredictable, and endless. But once I got past the wheezing hardship of making the trek up Bascom Hill on a daily basis, I began to appreciate the view from the top. Standing atop Bascom Hill, you’re faced with 180 degrees of beauty: Lake Mendota to your left, Library Mall, State Street and the Capitol straight ahead, and some historical campus buildings to your right. And summer in Madison is absolutely unbeatable: The Terrace, Concerts on the Square, and the Farmers Market cannot be missed.

It’s a l i v e.
I come from a pretty sleepy little town where not a lot happens. I can’t remember the last time my hometown was in the news for anything. As soon as I step foot in Madison, I feel a difference. I get this energy and excitement that I never experienced before. There’s awlays a buzz in the air, whether it’s because it’s a Friday, or there’s a Badgers game, or big legislations are being passed up at the Capitol. When I’m here, I know I’m in a place where the wheels are in motion, change is happening, and I’m lucky enough to be a part of it. It’s a great feeling.

Thanks, Madison, for being a great home for the last few years, and here’s to a few more good ones!

Love, your happy inhabitant,

PS: What makes you love your city?


One response to “Love letter to Madison, WI

  1. I really like this post; I’m a Midwest girl who happened to fall in love with a city out in the Pacific Northwest and I feel so lucky/thrilled/happy each day when I’m walking to work, with near 360 views of mountains (on a clear day). Similar to what you said, my favorite part of my city is its liveliness, its vibrancy. Its loud, not in an abrasive way, but a way that feels constructive. Things are happening here. And I get to be part of it!

    PS. I went to school in Minneapolis, but always wanted to visit Madison. Its seems like it has a great campus culture. Thx for sharing.

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