What do you hear around you today as you work?

Today’s post is inspired by the awesome Web site, The Mindfulist, which I came across today and am completely obsessed with.

I’ve spent the majority of my Saturday working on homework and watching for updates on the Chilean earthquake and its aftermath at the Memorial Union. This is by far one of my favorite buildings on the UW campus. It used to be a hotel, so it has tons of unique spaces. The Great Hall on the fourth floor is a beautiful ballroom where they held huge galas back in the day, and lately musical talent like Girl Talk and the Ying-Yang Twins play there.

Today I chose it because I knew I’d be doing work all day, but the library gets pretty depressing after a few solo hours, believe it or not. I don’t study well with others (chronic conversationalist, or chatty cathy, whichever you prefer) so the Union was a good blend of solitary study time and background noise, thanks to the people passing through during the day.

So far, I have heard…

  • A few different languages being spoken. Madison has a pretty diverse community, and hearing the sounds of other languages makes me really happy that so many people co-exist here.
  • Beautiful live piano music. I’m in a small library equipped with armchairs and tables that is just off of the Main Lounge, a large room filled with more armchairs, tables and, best of all, a baby grand piano. On weekdays you’re not allowed to play until 5 p.m., but today someone started playing around 2:30 and it’s been beautiful live music ever since. This woman has talent, and I’m thinking it might be just as therapeutic for me listening as it is for her playing.
  • Other people typing away. The nice thing about this room is it’s not like the silent rooms at the libraries where you get stares every time you open your backpack or type too loudly. Everyone here is in their zone, and we’re coexisting quite nicely.

So tomorrow is the last day of the 28 Day Challenge! Some posts have definitely been more of a struggle than others, and tomorrow I will take some time to reflect on it during my last post of the challenge.

What did you hear around you today as you worked?


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