Reflection on the #28DayChallenge, and my first vlog

First, I’ve got to thank Scott Bishop for kicking my and others’ butts into gear this past month with this challenge. It’s been an awesome and rewarding experience, so thanks Scott! Second, you get to see me in my very best at-home mode – sweats and my tireless Peru hat, that I wear everywhere, especially to cover up bad hair days like yesterday.

And now, for the rest of my thoughts looking back on this month, watch me struggle through stage fright and verbal pauses galore.

[Note: If you’re trying to watch around midnight on March 1, the video may still be processing on YouTube. Patience is a virtue (that I rarely possess) but if you come back later all should be well.]


2 responses to “Reflection on the #28DayChallenge, and my first vlog

  1. You’re adorable. Super glad we’ve connected. đŸ™‚

  2. I was literally just about to type “You’re adorable,” but good thing I looked above and noticed somebody already beat me to it! haha Regardless, you are, and congrats on (a) completing the 28 Day Challenge, and (b) doing your first vlog! How exciting. A lot of the things you said resonated with me, and I’m excited now to do a final post about what the 28 Day Challenge did for me and what I plan to do with blogging in the future. Love you!

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