Get uncomfortable and gain some perspective

I should be studying for a midterm right now. Story of my life for the last month or so, when I should have been blogging, like I did in February. But since it seems I’m most compelled to do something when it falls at the bottom of a logical priority list, here’s a thought that’s been floating around in my head recently.

Have you found yourself hitting a plateau lately at work? I have. I’ve been at my new job for a few months and I’ve gotten fairly comfortable. Too comfortable. I realized I haven’t been reaching out to the people I work with to get to know them below the surface.

The realization hit me the other day when I came in between classes to eat lunch. A major perk of having a campus job is the kitchen and microwave availability – with those, the lunch options are endless! Anyway, the resource center gets crowded at lunch time, so there isn’t usually space for me to eat lunch at a table.

Solution? I eat on the floor. Probably in the least convenient spot for everyone else, since I’m nestled across from the back door to the center, and in front of some file cabinets that see high traffic. Also not as comfy as a cushy rolly chair (I use advanced language in the workplace) but it’s a good way to break the chair routine I’m stuck in for the majority of the day, either in class or at the office.

So everyone who walks in sees me chowing down, and many times I’m smack dab in front of the cabinet they need access to. But you know what? Moving around to meet other people’s needs has gotten us talking way more than when we’re in our own little worlds at our separate desks. And it’s also helped me notice parts of the center I hadn’t before – like where we keep certain files, and what purposes other departments serve.

How could this apply to you? If you feel like you’re all out of ideas, change the way you’re looking at things, literally. Take a different table at your local coffee shop (office for the lucky location independent folks). Switch workstations with one of your co-workers, or ask someone outside your department to look at the project you’re stuck on. They might have some fresh insight that you never saw coming.


One response to “Get uncomfortable and gain some perspective

  1. I LOVE this perspective, and as someone who’s fairly new at my job too – great advice. We don’t really have a common lunch area though, so I should probably be creative about how I do this… 🙂

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