I won’t worry my life away

Want to know a secret? For every great adventure I’ve embarked on (admittedly, there have been only three…so far), I have been fearlessly excited until 24 hours before go time. Then the anxiety sets in – nervous thoughts, sweaty palms, the whole package. It can be crippling.

So as I prepare to move to a new city tomorrow, I feel grateful for the gift of hindsight. After going through this a time or two, I can recognize these crippling emotions for what they are – empty threats that have nothing on the reality of the amazing summer ahead – and cast them aside.

This summer is overflowing with potential: Potential to fall in love with a new city, to make new friends, to prove myself in an agency setting. And instead of worrying about the what-if’s, I’m going to use my past experiences of happiness when leaping into the unknown to push through.

Chicago, here I come!

[Note: I could never have gotten through those initial anxious times that led to adventures without the support and love of my family and friends. Thank you x a million!]


One response to “I won’t worry my life away

  1. Having lived and worked in Chicago earlier in my life, perhaps those sweaty palms were a good sign. 🙂

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