Confessions of a lapsed blogger

I’ve spent these last two months in Chicago alternately tethered to my computer and kitchen table (during the all-consuming online class stage) and then getting as far from that antisocial reality as I could, going out and taking advantage of every opportunity available to me in this big, beautiful city.

Many people manage to show up to their blogs despite the general busy-ness of life. I have not yet mastered that. But because I can’t shake the instinctual urge to write about or compare something I experience to something greater, I’m going to keep writing.

For the last month I’ve avoided being on the computer, because that’s what I do all day, and frankly, it’s ruining my eyes and I resent every second I spend outside the office being on the computer, because time is running out.

Yes, time is always running out in life – a finite series of adventures we’re given to either experience or pass up – but my Chicago time is running out. No promises on showing up to write a lot in the next two weeks as I brace myself to leave my favorite adventure yet.

Perhaps it’s a sign of my immaturity or naïveté that I can’t commit to writing down and sharing my thoughts. There are so many ideas that are constantly contradicting themselves and vying for mental real estate, I can’t even remember how many lists, articles and posts I read daily.

How do you filter through the hundreds of ideas, facts and new points of view you’re presented with daily and decide what is meaningful and what is not worth mentioning?

Oh and P.S., here are some photos of the summer.

Lunch field trip to Sears (NOT Willis) Tower.

First visitor (Julia!) and first trip to Green City Market.

Shared one quality crepe in Milwaukee.

A private acoustic show with rising stars Chiddy Bang.

Beautiful home for the summer.

The Blackhawks' victory parade downtown.


2 responses to “Confessions of a lapsed blogger

  1. Definitely not a sign of immaturity. No way.

    I know what you mean – I get home from a day of work, glaring at a computer screen and my eyes hurt, so really, the last thing I want to do is get on Twitter, blog, be online, etc. I usually don’t. Probably four days out of the seven day week I don’t even open my computer after work – there’s so much to do otherwise (especially summer, e.g. get outside!)

    Somehow, I fold it into my schedule. It doesn’t mean it’s easy and I think, part of it for me, was finding a balance and finding a way to slip in 15 minutes here and there like at lunch, or on a Sunday evening I might write a few posts and schedule them.

    Either way, don’t be hard on yourself 🙂 If it’s enjoyable, do it. If it’s too hard and not enjoyable, then don’t. Readers and friends will come no matter what 🙂

    • Seeing such a quick response brought a big smile to my face, especially from someone whose writing and ‘showing up’ abilities I respect so much. It’s good to know we face the same dilemma, and I’ll be using your tips of writing thoughts or ideas down during downtime throughout the day and week (just got a pocket-sized Moleskine just for that!). Thank you so much for the feedback, Grace!

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