Lists, lists, lists and committment

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Lists, lists, lists. I make lists of things I’m going to do every day. Blogging used to be on my list a lot more often, but honestly I’ve been a little intimidated by it lately. I am so impressed by other students who maintain consistent blogs, and I’m scared I can’t keep up.

The reason I’m updating right now, finally, is that I committed to it.. I joined a mentorship committee for PRSSA and we met for the first time last night. One of the things we did was set goals for ourselves – one personal, one academic and one communications-related goal. Can you guess what my comm-related goal is? Getting back into blogging. I shared my goals with my mentee, Corinne, and it’s been pulling at my mind ever since.

So here I am, blogging world. Making yet another return, and a promise to be here on a semi-regular basis. No more daily posts like that crazy fun kick last winter, but you can expect to see me around these parts at least once a week.

Some goals are to communicate better so my writing reflects the person I am in person. Too often I feel like I write way more formally than I speak. So let’s try for a conversational tone, shall we? Also, I’d like to touch on broader issues that other people can relate to. We’ll see how I do.

See y’all soon!


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