#ThankfulFor Day One: These three women

Since my blogging consistency is about as predictable as the Midwestern weather, I figured, why the hell not? I recently realized why Thanksgiving is quite possibly my favorite holiday – amazing food, great company, not nearly as much pressure or superficiality that encroaches on other holidays. It’s all around awesome.

So, to celebrate this awesome holiday, I’ll be posting every day this month with a little ditty on something I’m thankful for. Not in any particular order, and doing my best to keep it short and sweet. Without further ado…

These three women

Julia, Leia, Kelly, Colleena

I am thankful many if not most days for these three women. We all decided to study abroad in Peru for various reasons, and it was there that we came together. Since then we’ve shared joy in beautiful moments, and divided the burdens of hardship between us. They have helped me to grow into a better person and friend, and I am constantly in awe of their abilities and determination that I know will help them change the world. We have found something truly special, and I consider myself fortunate to call them some of my closest friends.

What are you thankful for today?


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