#ThankfulFor Day Three: Chance conversations

Isn’t it funny when certain situations are unexpectedly disarming? I find myself much less nervous to reveal inner musings to someone new when the likelihood we’ll cross paths again is slim to none.

Example: I had a refreshing conversation with my cab driver last night. He was from Palestine, wise in the ways of the world and very far from his native way of life; I am from Wisconsin, educated but naive and immersed in the same lifestyle I’ve nearly always had. Yet we connected over a core belief it turns out our families happened to share: Money, it comes and it goes – what matters is health and love. If you’re fortunate enough to have both, you’ve got all you need for happiness. I had chalked up the day to being average at best, then this short, chance encounter provided me with some much-needed perspective on what it takes to be happy.

Do you ever find yourself revealing little known facts about yourself in the company of strangers? Tell me I’m not alone here!


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